Firearm Transfers

We offer firearm transfer services.  If you are purchasing a firearm online, the firearm must be shipped from a valid FFL holder.  We also offer face-to-face transfers.

Taylor Firearms, LLC


General Repair

At Taylor Firearms, LLC, we have many tools at our disposal to repair just about any problem you may encounter with your firearm.  From a simple part replacement to a full on custom built race gun, we can handle it.


Do you have any physical disabilities at the range?  If you have a gun you would like to enjoy, we can guide you through many options to get that gun working for you, instead of against you.  Some people may need a trigger job done due to hand surgery, while others may need a firearm lightened in weight to overcome a back injury, or adaptive to any number of injuries/disabilities.

Scope Mounting

For those who want to squeeze out the most of their firearms, we offer scope mounting.  We mount scopes on rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, and even muzzleloaders.  We will help you decide on an optic that is right for your particular firearm.  Many people often throw a new or old scope on their firearm crank down on the screws.  Big no-no.  It takes the right amount of torque, correct bases and rings, and leveling.  If you have us mount a scope, we will bore sight it for free.

Marksmanship Training

Whether you are new to shooting, or a seasoned vet, we can help you master your potential on the range.  We instruct shooters in the art of precision marksmanship, with both rifle and handgun, as well as a fast paced, tactical, self defense style of shooting.  With the way America is going, many more citizens are becoming lawful carriers of concealed weapons.  However, many do not know how to properly employ that weapon in a life threatening scenario.  We can help instruct you how to use your firearm of choice, the legality of having to use deadly force, and even develop an escape/defense plan for your home or vehicle.  With the knowledge and experience at Taylor Firearms, LLC, you can rest assured the safety of yourself and your loved ones is unmatched against any opponent.  Coming soon, we will be offering courses and range time utilizing the TI Training Lab Virtual Marksmanship simulator.  This system is great to offset the cost of ammunition, while still getting invaluable training in.  


Do you have a plain old boring gun you want to become more modern?  We all do.  We can take that boring old 1911A1 and turn it into a tack driving tactical model.  Or how about an old beater 22 you want to convert to a competition model that's sure to turn a few heads?  Home defense and personal defense is what we do, and who we are.  Let us handle that tactical carbine or shotgun project.

Refinishing Services

We all have firearms that have less than optimum finish left on them.  Lack of finish is not only ugly, it can allow the firearm to lose value and/or rust.  We offer Duracoating, a state of the art spray on finish that lasts a lifetime. 

In the upcoming year, we plan to expand into offering parkerizing, to bring out the military style finish of your firearms.