Taylor Firearms, LLC


Matthew Taylor is the owner and gunsmith of Taylor Firearms, LLC.  He uses his skills as a gunsmith and vast array of firearm knowledge to assist customers in the outcome they have been looking for.   Matthew served in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantryman and Marksmanship Instructor.  While in the Marines, he learned all aspects of firearms, tactics, self defense, explosives, and marksmanship.  Matt served three combat tours overseas, performing surveillance duties, tactical raids in urban environments, patrol, and executive protection.  While enlisted, Matt apprenticed for two years under a master gunsmith, starting with sweeping the floors, and ended up assisting in general repairs, finally to fabricating parts, and building guns.   Upon retiring from the Marines in 2007, Matt joined the Police Academy, further increasing his knowledge of law, self defense, and firearms.  Matt has furthered his education in professional firearms repair and modification by attending The American Gunsmithing Institute and completing certifications in the Master Gunsmith Training Course.  An avid outdoorsman, he shares a lot in common with customers and enjoys sharing stories, and catching a hunting trip or two with others.